Difficult to Differentiate

Do you want to reduce the loss caused by counterfeits?

Counterfeiters imitate the products' appearances, including packaging, wordings, colors, and so on, to confuse and deceive consumers. If consumers cannot clearly distinguish between genuine and fake, they may unintentionally buy counterfeit goods. Counterfeiters not only violate the trademark law, but also have a negative impact on sales, and the rights of consumers are also deprived.

Do counterfeiters repeatedly crack your anti-counterfeiting solution?

Good anti-counterfeiting technology and identification method can reduce the probability for the criminal to gain profit. We can either directly target criminals or we can help buyers to identify so that they can refuse to buy. However, nothing is unbreakable. This is why national banknotes need to be constantly upgraded and revised.

How can you clearly inform customers and salesperson methods to identify authenticity?

In fact, consumers and salespeople are an important part of security control. Brand owners may be well aware of their own products, but they need to make sure consumers and salespeople are as well. They need a simple and clear identification when buying or selling.